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I told a couple of the guys about traderate and next thing you know everyone is using it...

Harrison Tomer - Plumber
Templestowe, VIC
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I've been using Traderate for a while now, it just made sense.

Simon Carter - Electrician
Footscray, VIC
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Traderate has been a winner for my customers, and that's good for business.

Mark Ryan - Locksmith
Cheltenham, VIC
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Being in design Ive found it tough to get paid on time, Traderate has changed that. Customers are much more relaxed when they know they can pay over time.

Meg Riley - Interior Design
Toorak, VIC
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I had a customer ask if I was using Traderate, I looked it up and was surprised at how easy it was to start. I tell customers over the phone now that we have a payment service and its a game changer.

Gary Lugg - Mechanic
Essendon, VIC

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